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I am doing cross forest migration using ADMT. Question regarding share permissions. Will ADMT migrate all permissions on the shares? I have to migrated File server from one forest which contains one domain to another forest (contains also one domain). Also, I want to rename the file server to give the different name.
What are the best practices to do this kind of migration to make sure I don’t loose any permissions on the files and users have the same access.

Also, what is best free tool to do inventory for this.

Thanks so much
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If you use the ADMT to migrate the computer there is a task that you can run to perform the security translation on the shares. This should allow all of the permissions to come over and work with the new domain.

ADMT is the correct tool to use for this job.


hey xxdcmast, I see that your rank is Genius. :) that's cool.  Did you have a chance to use ADMT and will it transfer permissions for sure?
What problems I might have and what precautions should I take? What are the best practices for migrating file server to the new forest?
Yea we recently used ADMT to do a migration for a company that my company purchased. About 300 users and probably 20-30 servers for varying apps, file/print servers, etc. The ADMT tool once properly configured is pretty straight forward. I dont know how far into your research you are regarding it use but basically the tool will let you select which object you want to migrate and then it will have specific options for each type.

You will want to move your groups first, then the users so they can populate the groups, and then the computer objects. During the computer objects migration wizard you will have the option to select the security translation for the file and folder shares as well as other stuff.

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Will ADMT will migrate favorites, desktop settings, wall paper? Did you have a smooth migration? Any problems encountered. Will I need to manually go to each work station. let me know what should I avoid and the best practices from the experience.
If you use ADMT to migrate their computer accounts you should not have to do anything with the users computers. Once the security translation is performed they will log in with the newdomain\username but they will still see their desktop as it always was.

Make sure before you do the computer migration that all computers are on, firewalls disabled, hibernation disabled, etc. You want to be able to make sure you can reach the machines and that they wont shutdown/sleep in the middle.


What are my best options for migration??
Is it better to use third party tools or still ADMT?
Please, let me know the problems you had with ADMT.

Other options besides ADMT
Profile/Data/Workstation Migration

File Server Migration

AD Migration
If you want to spend money I have heard quests tool is very good... I have never used it.

We used the ADMT tool and with proper planning you should not have any major issues. We actually did use the the user profile tool from forensit for some of the machines that ADMT couldnt bring over. This was a for a variety of reasons, users took their computers home, remote jobsites that werent connected, etc.


Will the ADMT tool will migrate the file server and all the shared permissions? I know you have already said that it does, but I need to make sure that the permissions wont be lost. Could you please let me know the checklist that i need to follow to make sure I migrate the file server correctly as well. What things I need to confirm to make sure I don't run into the problems.

After I migrate the users, groups, mailboxes, etc to the new forest, the users will still need to be able to access legacy software on the old forest until the old servers will be upraded and moved to the new forest later (two weeks after the main migration). What are the best practices to set this up so users migrated to the new forest still access resources (including print server) on the old forest? What things I need to check.  
thank you so much. i just want to make sure I don't miss any steps when I do the migration.


We are getting this error when using ADMT to migrate test user account:
Unable to store default excluded system properties in database. Unspecified error (0x80004005)

We can't migrate user account because of this

Anyone, please help.


The problem with ADMT takes too long too resolve and we decided to go with an old fashion way of recreating users from scratch. Thank you all for your support.
I have to object to the suggested closing of this question. I feel that the information that I provided answers the original question posed. I also provided extra information to the several follow up questions that were asked which expanded the original questions scope. The problems that were encountered within the ADMT tool were not part of the original question and could have warranted their own question on EE for resolution. The fact that the ADMT errors were taking time to resolve should have no bearing on the correct answers provided to the original question.  


I agree with xxdcmast, you fully answered my questions about ADMT. I am giving you all the points. It was our decision not to use  ADMT. Sorry and thanks for correcting me

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