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Hi Guys,

Our Windows Home Server has a number of PCs connected to it, and has also plenty of free space (1.8TB).

I have now connected the first MAC to it, and am attempting to create a Time Machine volume within the HP "MediaSmart Server" prefs page. The initial suggested "Backup Disk Size" was 92 or 96GB, but it cannot create it. When I try smaller sizes, then it works fine (e.g. 20GB), however, if I want to create a 30GB volume, then I get the following error:

"Not enough free disk space on home server to complete operation"

Do you have any idea what to do to tackle this one?


"Not enough free disk space on home server to complete operation"
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Not sure, but you might consider a defrag first, as well as making sure you have the latest patches applied.

I hope this helps !
I may be wrong, but my impression is that Time Machine can backup only to Mac formatted volumes.

I think that time machine  can backup to hfs and fat32 volumes. I'd create. Fat32 partition on whs and point the MAC at that.

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