Mitel 3300 with HP procurve 2610 vlan issue

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I have be onsite today assisting with the network configuration of a new 3300.
I have configured the switches with two Vlans:

Vlan 1 (default) data network
Vlan 2 VIOP Network

All the ports are in both Vlans, untagged in Vlan 1 and tagged in vlan 2

The data network is on IP range 10.0.0.x and the phone system is on 10.0.1.x, both on class c subnet

We are running two DHCP servers, one in vlan1 serving data and the 3300 which is serving vlan 2.

The phone engineer fired up the 3300 and a few handsets and they worked as expected, picked up IP address from 3300 in the 10.0.1.x range.  We then plugged a laptop into the phone and these picked up an IP from VLan 1 on the 10.0.0.x range, as expected.

We have supplied a server and this is set on the same IP range as the 3300:
the 3300 is IP
the server is IP
The problems we have the server does not communicate with the 3300.
We don't receive a ping response and we can't get into the management screen, but if we change the port the 3300 is plugged into to untagged in vlan 2 (this process removes it from vlan1), we can ping and access it from the server, however then the phones stop working, I believe this is down to the fact the phones will only respond to tagged packets?
One other point to mention is the port the server is plugged into is untagged on vlan2 and not in vlan1.  When I changed it to tagged on vlan 2 it didn’t work.
The reason I changed it to untagged on vlan 2 is it would not see the gateway which is on,
this port it also untagged on vlan 2 only.

There are two ports on the front of the 3300, if we plug a laptop directly into this we can access the 3300, if we then put that same laptop into the HP switch with a manual IP on VLan2,  no response.

We need the phone system to be able to serve the phones on vlan 2 and also be able to access the system on the server is vlan 2.
Is there something simple that we are missing here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Why would your server be on the phone range.
Unless I am missing something the server should be on the data range.

There is no technical reason for this and it should work on either.  But design would suggest that server = data so keep it off the phone vlan.

In a good design the items on the each vlan would have a default gateway set up in their DHCP settings.  This would route tem to something on their IP range that would carry traffic that was aimed off the local network (including jumping to the other net).
This would normally be the switch / router that was running the vlans.

It might be a bit simple, but check that you L2 IP address on the 3300 is not
The L2 IP address on the 3300 needs to be unique, but it normally is set to the first IP address of the range.

I resolved the issue by putting information in our DHCP about VLAN2.
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