Winforms Authentication

reddy999 used Ask the Experts™
I have three winforms as below

1.login user info form
2.assign queue to user form
3.password change form
all 3 forms can be seen by admin
but normal user should only see login user info form, password change form

How can i achieve above in Winforms using c#(winforms authentication)

Thank you for your help

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Shahan AyyubSenior Software Engineer

Are you talking about windows authetication ?? OR make your own authentication process like input Username and check it in database if it appears as an admin show x,y,z(ALL) form otherwise show x,y forms.

For first process you can use Windows Principal  Class.
For Second you can declare a Variable "Status" as string and match username with database etc and with the help of "Staus" variable check which forms should be visible.

I mention database is so because I don't know how much user(s) you have.


Thank you for your reply,
i am looking at windows authentication, can you explain more about windoes principal any working examples

thank you
Senior Software Engineer
you will find example by the end of the page linked with the word "Windows Principal" in my above post.


Thank you for your help

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