SAP/XenApp 6 - Opening SAPGui from a .SAP file shortcut

We present SAPGui through XenApp 6. Client sometimes receive email reports that contain a .SAP file shortcut.

We need staff to be able to open .SAP file shortcuts on their local machine and have it redirect to SAP.

Thanks for the help!
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What happens when they click it now?  .sap might default to Java.
I recall creating SAP Gui Shortcuts, which would launch particular forms ie MD11.

See if you can right click the link and choose an open with:  you might even find an always use this option.

Open with options within emails are sometimes only offered in the preview pane.

If you could copy the details of the link so we can see the syntax it may also help.
KzooSteveAuthor Commented:
The .sap files don't currently have any file association. I tried publishing SAPshcut.exe however this didn't resolve the file association issue.
How do I go about associating the .sap files with SAPshcut.exe, or is there another SAP executable that I need to publish instead.
@KzooSteve - Trying to get a better picture here:  Is SAP already open? Are you expecting that clicking the link will also Launch the GUI and log-in?

I have run reports out of SAP in the past, and recall you can specify the output formats, such as csv, and e-mail them.

I am trying to understand what the 'link' is representing.  Is it a FILE with a .sap extension, or is it a Shortcut.  If so can you find out what the shortcut is meant to represent or link to?
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Just some further reading

These seemed to be the shortcuts.

ProgramID: SAPGui.Shortcut.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SAP\FrontEnd\sapgui\sapgui.exe /SHORTCUT

ProgramID: SAPGui.Shortcut.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SAPpc\sapgui\sapshcut.exe %1

ProgramID: SAPGui.Shortcut.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\sapr3\uk46d\sapgui\sapgui.exe /SHORTCUT

These next two links are a little off topic, but I can see it might be a direction you need to head soon.

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And lastly something that actually acknowledges a .sap extension and its attributes!
Check this, some users have fixed it with help of client-server  redirection:
KzooSteveAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the links!
Staff's expectation is that opening the .sap file (or shortcut as it may be) will automatically launch SAPGui if it isn't already open.
The shortcuts you posted, would I publish each of these to users?
I'm not sure I understand where I would set this parameter mentioned in the article
"My Customer was using this command "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Ica Client\pnagent.exe" /qlaunch "SAPGUI" /param:"\\Client\%1". However the SAPGUI is a variable, its the name of the published application."
It may also help to say that I am familiar with publishing apps through Citrix, however I have absolutely no prior experience working with SAP. I need some hand holding from that aspect.
SAP shortcut usually link to a particular transaction code, system command or report name.

This report name will be more easily thought of as a template.

Entering report name RFCHKA00 creates a shortcut for the "Archiving Check Data" report.

I think these are the steps we need to clear up.  

When the link is pressed, on a machine with SAP running already, does it work?

On the machine that is creating the link, get the following steps done:

Obtain the required code by going to the required transaction and choosing System   ¿  Status or by clicking on the list arrow in the status bar and choosing Transaction.
Transaction can be prefixed with '*' and completed with additional parameters (similar to Webgui URL call) such as the code shown.

See if you can find out if the shortcut they would use locally, populates on the link, or opens a report template.

I can only see the link opening the SAP Gui, and perhaps the appropriate reporting screen, however the variables that were used to get the report wouldn't be replicated, or at worst, would be re-run.

Do your staff need to VIEW or RUN reports?  

The published paths for the GUI are usually those 3 that I linked above, so maybe just register them like you would any other exe in %PATH%?

Command=*MM03 RMMG1-MATNR=00000000000000012;DYNP_OKCODE=ONLI

Open in new window

KzooSteveAuthor Commented:
I apologize for the delay. I have been out of the office the past two weeks and haven't been able to check on the progress of this issue. I will have more information on Monday.
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