Properly disposing of my Entity Framework entity

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I created a data repository that contains an instance of my Entity Framework entity.  And I want to use a "using" statement to manage it's immediate disposal.  So I implement IDisposable and created the following Dispose() function.

        public MyDataStore()
            entities = new MyEF4object();

        public void Dispose()
            entities = null;

is this right?  I want to terminate and garbage collect the database connection upon exit from the function where this object is created and used.

Will I create problems setting it to null?  

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You only need to dispose of objects that contain unmanaged resources. If your objects are plain vanilla .net objects, there's no need to implement IDisposable. It won't buy you anything.
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If I have a database connection to worry about terminating, I need to use IDisposable.

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