How to remove Toshiba Satellite A205 Power Jack

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I have been able to follow instructions to open up the laptop and access the power Jack, but dumbfounded as to how to remove the jack so I can put the other one in.
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Those silver blobs holding everything together are solder.  You need a soldering iron, de-solder wick, and a few other tools/supplies....and some experience.

It's probably not a job for a first-time experiment.  You can do some damage and possible injury with a soldering iron.
I usually repair the power jack instead of replaceing it.

I solder a small jumper wire from the back of the center post of the power jack around to the bottom of the mother board where the old solder joint comes through.
Sometimes I scratch a place in the copper trace next to the old solder joint and solder the wire there.

This is a good repair and flexable .

I have done lots of laptops like this it usually is a better fix than puting a new power jack in. Its better because the jumper wire is flexable and the power jack in not.


This one is replaceable part, but the user glued it on to secure it, SO MUCH FUN.!
Hot glue pops off pretty easy.  Hit it with some canned air to make sure it's solid.  DON'T try to melt it with a gun.  Scrape off with nylon pry tool (not metal).

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