How can I configure a CISCO AP 1200 with WAP key

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I have a CISCO AP 1200 , but  I need to configure it  with simple WAP,, and with a  special  word "argentina" ,, but I have tried vie Web and it says  that I need a EAP server, and I just want to configure with that special word. As simple as taht!.
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I think its actually Configure Local EAP on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller


I am not sure if this docoment will help:

AP(config)#interface dot11Radio 0
AP(config-if)#encryption mode ciphers tkip
AP(config-if)#ssid ssid_name

AP(config-if-ssid)#authentication open
AP(config-if-ssid)#authentication key-management wpa
AP(config-if-ssid)#wpa-psk ascii pre-shared_key

That should get you on the way, the article is great covers both cli and Web interface, should help you out let me know if you have any questions

you are looking for WPA with PSK
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) has two modes it can be used in, pre-shared key mode and dynamic key mode. I look down on pre-shared key mode. It requires you to manually enter a key on every wireless machine, and if the key is ever discovered you have to change it on every access point and every machine. It really is only good on the smallest of networks. The dynamic key approach requires two digital certificates to be installed on each workstation. After that, you do nothing. Security keys are dynamically generated per user per session. If a machine gets stolen, you simply invalidate those two certificates on your server and your network is secure again. No more pain.
NOTE: If you are running Win2K3 server on your network and want to setup your Cisco Access Point to use WPA with Win2K3 let me know so I can write another solution for.

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