VeriSign webcertificate install IIS7. How to complete Certificate Request.

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Ok. I got this VeriSign certificates that I have to install, and the instructions I got & found are confusing.

I got the certificate send in the .p7b format.

The part that confused me is when checking a instruction file from various other certificate providers (I wanted the pics to make sure I'm doing it right) they all show a .cer listed as source. Even though they all state download the p7b file. That in combination with not having the abillity to select the p7b from the drop down box pretty much has me startled.

So how in you know who's sname would a p7b file show the .cer contents without extracting it first? Is there a whole part missing in everyone's instructions as to how to convert to .cer and retaining the MIME etc?

Or can I safely assume that its fine selecting all files from the drop down box and pressing OK is fine?
Example instruction with pics showing they got a .cer listed, though talk about the .p7b, from other web cert authority below. (Also attached the part which has me beat. Don't want to do it wrong by selecting p7b, and following instructions only to find I bought down the site)!7CEDD8FA2A6B9050!746.entry?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=509965965

I do get the error as described on the VeriSign link. No worries about that however I presume. It is a certificate replacement. Same site, different owners & cert details.
Thnx for any enlightment you might be able to shed on this for me.
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Figured it out. It's fine to use the p7b. Install will complete. When done bind the site/cert and all is good.

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