Too Many Cell Formats in Excel

Is there a VBA script or built in Excel function or an add-on that helps tracking the number of different format combinations or styles used on a worksheet in order to avoid hitting 4000 format combinations limit?
Ray ErdenBusiness Systems AnalystAsked:
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The xlsgen program will both count and reduce the cell formats

While it does cost $40 it is the best solution I have come accross for this

ASAP utilities is a freed addin that will remove duplicate styles, not to the same level as xlsgen



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If the limit is exceeded and upon converting Excel 2007 file to excel 2003, if too many cells problems occurs it can be fixed with the following work around:
Step1: Open the file in MS Excel 2007
Step2: Saves as "XML Spreadsheet 2003"
Step3: Open the above file in Excel 2003
Step4: Insert new VB module by pressing ALT+F11 and then Insert> module
Step5: Copy the following code
Step6: Run the code and save the file as MS Excel 2003 work book
Sub TooManyCellsFormatKiller()

Dim cStyle As Style 'Define variable to store all styles in workbook

'Loop every style and delete if not xl2003 built in
For Each cStyle In ActiveWorkbook.Styles
    If Not cStyle.BuiltIn Then
    End If
Next cStyle

End Sub

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Ray ErdenBusiness Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:
I am going to get back to versatile22's solution after I try it at home tonight, so my comment is pending on this expert's solution.  On the other hand I accepted another solution already and that action closed the question.  Hope I can get back to versatile later regarding his solution.
Ray ErdenBusiness Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:
The solution to my "too many format" issue recommended byversatile22 did not work in my case.  
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