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I'd like to know what the difference is between the following and which you would recommend using:

Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 3.0
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Server Edition 8.0

The backup will be for five servers, all running Server 2003 R2 - 3x32-bit and 2x64-bit.  Their primary roles are:
Domain Controller
SQL Server 2005
Terminal Server
Exchange 2003
Web Server (very little web traffic - considering making this the central backup server)

There are about 50 users on the network and total used disk space across the 5 servers of 650GB.  We have a 1TB external WD Mirror drive (which was previously used to store NTBackups) and a Dell PV110T tape drive with five 400/800GB tapes.

1) Working with the software this company currently has (listed above), which would be the best?
2) Will it work to back up all 5 servers from a central server?
3) Will the apps (Exchange, DC, etc.) affect how the backup runs?
4) Generally, what is the best way to set this up (best and/or easiest to set up, easiest to recover from)?
5) Would you suggest a different software/approach to backing up this network?

Like I said, they'd like to work within the software/hardware available to them, but if there is an honest-to-goodness need for additional hardware/software, let me know specifically, as it will be necessary to explain to a bunch of farmers why they need to spend more money.

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Roshan MohammedCloud Engineering Officer
persoanlly i'd propose shadowprotect with 5x licenses. this wy each server will have backup of it's own, and whats best about this is;

1) it's cheaper than backupexec or systemstate
2) no need to additional licenses for sql or exchange
3) ability to mount a backup into vm for recovery pupose
4) ability to Hardware independent restore into hardware or virtual machines
5) image consolidation, and incremental backups, meaning you can restore a full backup and incremental as a combined process.
6) shadowprotect backups are best designed for backup to disks

7) just ask, how much will it affect the farmers oer day, if all the servers/servies were unavailable for 1 day. ( i best the cost of loss per day will be 2x moer than the actual cost of shadowprotect backup software.
Please factor in that BESR does not support Backups to Tape.

Livestate recovery was the earlier name for the product now called System Recovery. The product does not local agents so it may not meet the 'Central' environment you are trying to acheive.

Backup Exec System recovery whicle being a good product is not really designed to replace a good backup solution where you may want to keep datasets for archival and/or regulatory reasons.

Since you have posted this question in the BE section and since you have a tape library, I would suggest you go with Backup Exec for Windows Servers on a single (central) server and license remote agents as well as the Exchange & Sql agents to completely protect your environment.
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Thank you both ... that was just the type of information I was looking for in order to make a decision.

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