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I am setting up a terminal server farm and am having a little problem locating a setting to disable the use of public libraries
 Library propertiesThe users who logon to the server are from different companies and could not be able to access the "public library"
Does anyone have recommendations for me and can guide me in the right direction?
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010

Probably your best bet is to turn libraries off entirely. I've attached code for a registry modification that should do that for you. There isn't a default group policy method for doing this, but you can use Group Policy Preferences to remove these keys as well if you want to.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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I will test this and see how it works.
I did not get around to test your solution because i stumbled on to something that works like a charm and solves almost all library problems.
I create i logon powershell script that removes the public documents from the user document library and it works like a charm.

this is a small code example from my login script removePublicDoc.ps1
Import-Module "\\mydomain.local\SYSVOL\mydomain.local\scripts\Powershell\Windows7Library\Windows7Library.psm1"
Remove-LibraryFolder -LibraryPath (Get-KnownFolder "DocumentsLibrary").path -FolderPath "C:\users\Public\Documents"


This powershell module help manipulate all of the library option in windows vista +

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