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Knowing the restrictions on taking the VCP exam, are there any "cheap" alternatives on taking the class in order to get to take the test?

If so, where are some of the cheapest places I can sign up for the class at the "cheapest" price?
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Deepak KosarajuDevOps Engineer

Look at the post discussed earlier about similar discussion:
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  


The question is easy... NOPE!

You need to attend class. Its mandatory, then you can have your VCP Exam. Its a prerequisite.

Unfortunately I never had the time to do this, but i cannot postpone this anymore, so I will attend the course next month, then get the exam.

If I see my example, I think I will not learn anything that i don't already knows, on that course, but I need to pay 3000€ just to have the prerequisite to have my VCP Exam.

Top Expert 2010

Unfortunately, as mentioned above...there is nothing cheap; GlobalKnowledge, VMware, & a local training facility here where I live are ALL expensive. Honestly, I don't know how they justify the cost. But anyway, "kosarajudeepak" posted a recent thread of which I, and he, provide links with more info. Regardless, and unfortunately, there are no 'cheap' alternatives for the classes :(

Regards & best of luck on your test!
Cloud Engineering Officer
Hi OCwaste2,

perhaps the cheapest would if you/your organisation can organise a inhouse training with vmware and/or hp who can delvier the course. i am not sure how to compare the cost, but this approach has always been slightly cheaper, imho.

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