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I have a third party control I am trying out and cannot figure out how to change the value from the codebehind file. I am new at asp so I am sure this is an easy one.

The control is an gauge like for an KPI. I currently have the needle set to 32 as default but what I want to do is set the value to something else using code when the page loads.

In the code of the aspx you can see under the <dx:ArcScaleComponent.... section, I have the value of 32.

I am looking along the lines as

ASPxGaugeControl1.value = 75.

Thanks for the help.
<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderMain" runat="server">

        <dx:ASPxGaugeControl ID="ASPxGaugeControl1" runat="server" BackColor="White" Height="260px"
                <dx:CircularGauge Bounds="0, 0, 260, 260" Name="cGauge1" >
                        <dx:ArcScaleBackgroundLayerComponent Name="bg1" ScaleID="scale1" ShapeType="CircularFull_Style7"
                            ZOrder="1000" />
                        <dx:ArcScaleNeedleComponent EndOffset="-25" Name="needle1" ScaleID="scale1" ShapeType="CircularFull_Style7"
                            StartOffset="-21" ZOrder="-50" />
                        <dx:ArcScaleEffectLayerComponent Name="effect1" ScaleCenterPos="0.5, 1.06" ScaleID="scale1"
                            Shader="&lt;ShaderObject Type=&quot;Opacity&quot; Data=&quot;Opacity[0.75]&quot;/&gt;"
                            ShapeType="CircularFull_Style7" Size="235, 110" ZOrder="-1000" />
                        <dx:ArcScaleComponent Center="125, 125" EndAngle="60" MajorTickmark-FormatString="{0:F0}"
                            MajorTickmark-ShapeType="Circular_Style7_2" MajorTickmark-TextOffset="22" MajorTickmark-TextOrientation="LeftToRight"
                            MaxValue="100" MinorTickCount="4" MinorTickmark-ShapeType="Circular_Style7_1"
                            Name="scale1" RadiusX="83" RadiusY="83" StartAngle="-240" Value="32" >


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Just a guess without knowing the control.

ASPxGaugeControl1.Scales.Value = xx

or if Scales is a collection (again guessing, but it is plural)

ASPxGuageControl1.Scales[x].Value = xx


It was ASPxGaugeControl1.Value = "75".

Thanks for the format.

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