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Have a Windows 2003 network.  Trying to email sanjoseca.gov but when we do it gets bounced back saying "Name service error for    name=sanjoseca.gov type=A: Host not found"  If I do a nslookup, set type=a, sanjoseca.gov.  i get back :non-existent domain.  However on the same server I have gotten it to resolve correctly as well as another server.  But for some reason it's not resolving just this one domain.  Ideas?  
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"However on the same server I have gotten it to resolve correctly"
Which server is the "same server'?


Same DNS server has resolved the sanjoseca.gov A record to  Then the cache clears and it can't resolve.  And now the DNS server is resolving.  
So it's resolving intermittently? Is your DNS server(s) forwarding requests or using the root hints? When you do a command line NSLOOKUP, which server is it using? "Default Server:xxxxxxxxxxxx"

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The server will not look within its own cache.. You have a forwarder or root hints server that doesn't exist, or can't resolve the authoritative server for sanjoseca.gov.

Go to the server's command prompt and type:

DCdiag /test:DNS

That will test both forwarding servers and root servers.

correction on my last, the server will not go to it's own host file for resolution. If cache clears and you can't reach the server, you still have a problem with a root server, or a forwarding server that is unable to find the authoritative server for sanjoseca.gov.
Just some questions:

Do you maintain your own name server or are you using an ISPs?
If you maintain your own NS server, do you have an updated root.cache file?
Pending the answer above I'll have a few more questions.


After running the dcdiag tests....interestingly the Root Hint Servers were not all correct, wouldn't accept being changed.  So deleted them and forwarded to my ISP's DNS servers.  Still the problem persisted.  Ran the dcdiag command again and got an error with one of their DNS servers.  Went to their 1st and 3rd option and magically all working again.  Odd if you ask me.

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