Batch File Help Windows 7

Trying to Deploy Win7. Need to make a batch file and I need some help. This is what I type in manually right now...

select volume 2
format quick fs=ntfs label"win7"
imagex /apply g:\lenovom90zfull.wim 1 d:/

how can I do this with a single batch file? It hangs when I hit the diskpart portion when I make a batch file.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Why aren't you configuring this with the WAIK and an answer file?
MawayaAuthor Commented:
I'm old school xp. Answer file
isn't what it used to be. didn't know the answer file could erase an existing partition and image over it.

can u help me?
Create a text file, e.g. dpcommands.txt, with the following commands:

     select volume = 2
     format FS=NTFS LABEL="Win 7" quick

Then modify your batch file to call diskpart with the following parameters:

       diskpart /s dpcommands.txt

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MawayaAuthor Commented:

Do I put the other part after the command like so?

diskpart /s dpcommands.txt
imagex /apply g:\lenovom90zfull.wim 1 d:/
Yes, but without the exit command.
Shouldn't you have a backslash after the D: instead of a regular slash to indicate the root for drive D:?
MawayaAuthor Commented:
heh, typo there that's correct. gonna try your suggestion today.
MawayaAuthor Commented:
This helped! And he also corrected my typo!
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