Method of Procedures for Solaris 10 Patch Install

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Hi Experts. I have very little experience with "Method of Procedures." Apparently I need far more detailed steps. So that the commands can just be cut and pasted into server. Also, how do I address the dependencies with this patch? Please help! I have been thrown into this role after someone quit. Thanks!
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Please remember to perform a full system backup before applying the patchs.
To install patch manual, please read the answer in http:Q_23183086.html
also please read this "Patch Management Best Practices":
" How to Install or Upgrade the Solaris 10 10/09 OS": 
Not forgetting patch corner. Here you'll find all Solaris patching related resources including best practice guidelines, training, articles, patch news etc. Your one stop patching resource.


Hi Guys. Thanks for the input. In the doc I attached how would I say what to do about the independicies? What other steps do I need? How would I word it? In your opinion with the way I have things in the doc now what need to be added? Thanks again!
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Guys sorry if my questions seem fundamental but this is new turf for me. Thanks again!
>>In the doc I attached how would I say what to do about the independicies?
You need to download and install them
In most case install the Solaris recommended patch cluster is good enough, unless your application installation require to have particular patches to be installed for your version of OS.


The OS is Solaris 10


Hi Experts can you fill out what I am missing? I do not know how to word the dependencies. First time doing this. They want this to be a cut and paste thing.Thanks!

1.      Login to toradm01 as root.
2.      scp -r /home/mbalmakh/depot/SW username@server01:/var/tmp
3.      Login into torlog01
4.      cd /var/tmp
5.      cd /tmp; patchadd  12712811
6.      haconf -makerw
hagrp -freeze -persistent
haconf -dump makero
7.      Apply patch to torlog01 then reboot.

Back out Plan      
Remove Patch   Patchrm 12712811

Post Activity Validation      
showrev –p | grep 12712811
uname -a

>Hi Experts can you fill out what I am missing? I do not know how to word the dependencies.

Each patch has a readme file that describes the dependencies of this patch. Suppose there are 3 other patches needed, you can check if these are already on the system using this command like this

showrev -p | grep 112233445  

If the dependencies are not satisfied, you need to install those patches first. Of course these patches can have dependencies and so on and so on.

If there are a lot of dependencies, this sometimes becomes a challenging task, especially if you haven't kept up with current patches.

There's a good solution for that: the "recommended patch cluster" for solaris 10. It contains all common patches and these are installed in order of dependency. You can download it from Sunsolve and install it using one command.

When this is done, check if the patch you want to install is already installed. If not, try to install it, most likely the patch dependencies will already be ok.

And as said before, take a full system backup before doing anything else.
If you are looking to applying a single patch, I would advise not to apply the recommned patch cluster.  This will most likely introduce new complications to your enviornment.

If you wan't to list the dependencies of a patch prior to installation, I would recommend using Sunsolve.  It is a fairly involved task depending on which typ of patch.

Just start with the patch you are looking to applying and pop in the Patch ID into Sunsolve--make sure you are not using an OBSOLETED version.  Then just backtrack and verify that you installed the prequsites.


Thank you Experts!

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