Using Visual C#/MS SQL 2008, how do I create a Line Chart that displays the number of calls per minute from a dataset?

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Hey everyone. I'm having trouble with this task I need to complete for work. The first part of the project required me to read data from a CSV file into a MS SQL database, which I've completed. The second part involves creating some Stored Procedures in order to report on the number of calls per minute, and then to display this data in a line graph. I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me with this, because I'm quite lost.

Also, the call start events that are logged in the CSV are in full datetime format, though I've been able to use datepart to extract only the minute values, which I've yet to do anything with other than view them within the Query.
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I'm using MSChart component for this. And I have a very simple line chart page that I created last week.
MSChart comes with VisualStudio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0
But you can install for VS.2008 too.
I did it and everything works fine.

Follow this link for installation.

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