Cannot go online after a virus/Spyware was removed

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I really need some help on this. I have a station that had I think Anti Virus action spyware on it. I managed to remove it with both Malware Bytes and MS Security Essentials. The problem now if that the machine cant go online. It just says page cannot be displayed. I downloaded IE 7 and IE 8 as well as Firefox. No matter what I do the page cannot be displayed. I can ping any machine on the network and local loop back address but cannot go to a web page. Please help!!!

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Proxy settings?

In IE, Tools, Internet Options, Connections

Make sure proxy details are all un-ticked.
look in IE settings, connections for a proxy being set.  Another trick is to create a hosts file that will interfer with DNS look ups.  and finally check your DNS setting in ipconfig /all.  Can you ping the ip address given for the DNS server?
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run a dos prompt, tracert and make sure it gets there if not see how far it gets and that will probably be your error. then type nslookup at dos prompt and see if you can resolve if not type server = and try if it works it is your local dns server if not then you have some problem still on the system, network, start looking at firewalls etc.
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I would start with the DNS. Sometimes these viruses change your DNS servers with statc addresses. The easiest way to remove a static DNS is to uninstall/reinstall your network adapters in Device Manager. I don't think it's a proxy issue as it's effecting multiple browsers.


Thanks ivanoviola, that was it. It removed the internal DNS entry. I feel really stupid I did not catch that but again I thanks the Experts for being there.

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