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I would like to be able to access data in a DBF file and display it on  a web page.
It must be realtime, since the database is constantly changing.
The goal is basiclly to allow our customers to view their account online.
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Kiran Paul VJComputer Engineer

Its possible to connect to a db but not sure about DBF

Check this
Computer Integration Specialist
You need to migrate your database to a more robust platform...Microsoft Access at the very minimum...that in itself is not saying much.  An ideal situation would be using Microsoft SQL, or MYSQL.

Go Live is no longer sold and supported.  Adobe Dreamweaver is the replacement development software for Go Live.  Within DW, there is no interfacing with DBF files.

However, you can convert the DBF file to make it accessible as an MS Access file...but that is not realtime, which is an element that you are looking for.

The result of your question is YES if you don't mind not having realtime output.  But if you want to do realtime, you have to move to a database platform that is more web integrated.

Go Live is just a tool to write code. That code could be written in notepad or any other plain-text editor.

The question is what kind of code you are writing. Static HTML can not really connect to a database. You need a server-side language (such as ASP or PHP, but there are many more) to connect to a database and display content.

Connecting to a database requires a driver installed and then the right connection string. See

For dbf (Fox Pro) see

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