1.      Recently I have installed (not upgraded) MS Excel 2007 on my machine and still have the old versions.
2.      My upload functionality using excel 2007 to SQL is working fine.
3.      But I have old upload application or code which uses Prior versions of excel and the old code is not working after I have installed 2007 excel.
4.      I am getting the following errors.
a) An exception occurred when accessing a Com object field and here is the code

<cfobject action="CONNECT" class="Excel.Application" name="objExcel" type="COM">      

b) The selected method Quit was not found.
objExcel = "nothing";

5.      Is there anything do with the installing 2007 excel

Any help or inputs will be appreciated.

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Check out this KB article

"A common perception for Office Automation when you have multiple versions of Office installed on a system is that you can dictate which version loads by using a specific version-dependent PROGID (for example, that "Excel.Application.9" loads Excel 2000, "Excel.Application.10" loads Excel 2002 and "Excel.Application.11" loads Office Excel 2003). However, this is not correct. Excel 2000 and later versions of Excel share the same CLSID, so the version that loads with these PROGIDs depends solely on which version was last installed."

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which means a reinstall of the version you need to run with cfobject -should- fix your problem (although I wouldn't put money on it - multiple versions, especially from 2007+ have cause me a lot of grief. (in access though not excel)
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