Can subversion update two repositories?

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Is there a way to have subversion save code on
two different repositories? I am using TortoiseSVN
on my local machine. I can commit to my local
repository. I can't find a way to commit to another
repository. All that I seem to be able to do
is "add file" with the repo browser pointed to a
network repository. Is there a way to commit
to two different repositories?
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To my knowledge there is no way to commit same file to two different repository.

Other alternative is to use SVN-GIT together.

Hope this helps.
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Are the two SVN repositories identical, and arethey to be kept aligned?  If they are then have a look at replicating (mirroring) the repositories, see:

If the SVN repositories differ but you want to automatically commit a local change to another repository, you could write your own post-commit hook script, to check out the commited file(s) to one server directory, cp to a second directory, then check in to the remote repository.

If your asking whether you can commit a specific file on your local drive to two repositories, using TortoiseSVN and, without changing the configuration each time, then the answer is NO. As there's a hidden .svn directory, off your source files location, which lists the single SVN repository the files belong to.



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