Rackables Sata 1 backplane with Sata 2 controller

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I bought a couple of Rackables refurb servers from EBay and I am having some hard drive instability.  I am running VMWare ESXi version 4.0 U1 on both servers.  The servers have 3ware 9550 controllers (which I understand are SATA 2) but there is a sticker on the front of each server that says SATA 1 backplane.  The servers have WD 7200 RPM SATA 2 drives.  Could my drive instability be related to the controllers and the drives trying to talk at a speed that the backplane can't handle?  Does anyone have experience with this configuration?
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Some WD disks won't even work at SATA-2, others have a jumper you need to set to hard-code it to SATA-1 vs SATA-2.  Same is true for controllers.    Since your hands are tied with SATA-1, then go to the wdc.com site, look up manual for whatever model of disk you have, and make sure it works at SATA-1, and if there is a jumper to force SATA-1, set it.


Thank you.  After checking the jumpers I see that they did in fact set the drives to operate at SATA 1 speed.

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