How to add multiple disclaimer for exchange

alexjayaprakash used Ask the Experts™
Hello, the exchange server support 2 domain email address use by different corporate, the transport rule only can setup for ALL the organization, is any way I can set the separate disclaimer for different corporate.
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AkhaterSolutions Architect
there is no reason why you can set in the condition that the from address should contain for disclaimer 1 and @domain2 for disclaimer 2
I am not sure how are you doing the disclaimer now and I am assuming you have exchange 2003.

Refer this KB from Microsoft 

In that you can attach different VBScript (Containing Disclaimer) based on the from address.

CDO.SS_SMTPOnArrivalSink "mail from=*"

Since the user is talking about tranposrt rules, Im assuming hes talking about exchange 2007 / 2010 =],

alexjayaprakash, akhater is correct, in the conditions options you have a large variety of selections.
You can for example apply a disclaimer for each OU in Active Directory,

Also to avoid futuristice complications, you should check the following:

When you use this, hub transport will check every outgoing mail from your organization,

You read somewhat more here if interested:

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