Antivirus with SBS 2008

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Hi All,

I am an IT Systems Consultant. I currently run McAfee AV on all my clients servers, but lately I am finding that even though I have set up exceptions, I am still getting little problems with it causing issues with my servers.

I am asking for suggestions on what Antivirus people are using out there with SBS 2008 and looking for recommendations. e.g. Trend Micro etc.

Or it would also be good to get advice on what exclusions need to be put in place for McAfee to work smoothly with SBS 2008.

I have heard bad things about Symantec as well, plus their support is shocking! I have learnt that with their Backup Exec support.


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I like Kaspersky. The licensing method is good. You can use the same license key for workstations and file servers. But Email server requires a different license. It is fast and updating also easy.
look @ report
we use ESET , it works good in our environment.
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Many of the consultants I know (myself including) are reasonably pleased with Sunbelt's (now GFI) VIPRE Enterprise product.  Inexpensive and reasonably effective (in many cases, I've had clients say that it caught things their old product didn't and so far, no problematic false positives).  Everything sucks... but VIPRE seems to be among the least sucky.

And yes, ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY from Symantec - AWESOME Marketing company... now if they would just hire some competent programmers... or programmer supervisors...
We use Trend Worry Free Business Security exclusively. We've had too many problems in the past with AVG Resident (Evil) Shield causing server lockups. Symantec is too heavy-handed, as leew pointed out.


Awesome advice guys!

I have recently become a GFI partner and I might take a trial and see how that goes.

With Forefront, I have found that with SBS 2008 all in one package, it doesn't interact to well with IIS, SharePoint and Exchange. Cheers anyway KCTS.

I used to use Trend Micro in a corporate environment that I worked in and that seemed fine, is this the same?

madunix - that is an eye opener of link there mate! Everyone should have a squizz at that!

I will keep this question open while I run some tests, treat it like a forum guys, we can all benefit from it. :-)


Spread the points. Good answers!

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