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I am looking for a solution (free or low cost) to publish documents as images on web server. The documents include Microsoft Office, VISO, AutoCAD. The purpose is mainly to ensure the users can ONLY read the document, can not copy or print (easily).
Any suggestion is appreciated.
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Easy ,
Download and install  ( free )
once done, choose whatever you want to print , then print to primopdf   ( BTW you can also drag and drop )  
in the primopdf security settings  click on change and then check require password make sure  enabling copying is not allowed so does printing if u want to  ( see the picture )


Thanks, honestman31. But seems it is only a tool to convert documents into PDF. I'd prefer a way to do the conversation on-fly on the Web server when user request the document. and I'd prefer convert to image file instead of PDF.
you may try
DOC to Any Converter Command Line
 1 Server License USD$295

which convert PDF to image  (Command Line  tool  $59.95 each )

Also you want to check this

I suggest you use primopdf command line  

path/to/PrimoPDF.exe  path/to/thefile/you/want/to/convert

the file will be converted into pdf on they fly as you want,  and saved in the same directory as the orginal then if it is a must to be an image then use  command line tool to convert the pdf to an image .


it works, although not on demand conversation

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