Google redirect malware / rootkit

I am using Windows 7 Home premium .
When I use the Internet explorer or firefox and search something on Google, it redirects me to a travel site or eshop or obscure search engine relative to the search string or term , but not the actual real site, term or product.

This behaviour only seems to happen  when you use the actual search textbox on the google web page and click a search result, and not every time or perhaps only once.

The redirect URL shows at thebottome of IE as below: being the most common one. sometimes it goes through 2 or 3 urls before a page loads.
seems to be russian in origin ( no surprises !)

IF you  just press back to go back to the search page to click on the link again. The second time I press the link, it goes to the correct page .
There is old talk online of it being related to a TSS rootkit?. but with no solutions
Also talk of some sort of script injection ito the browser page probably by a rootkit but im lost without tools i can use on 64bit.

The initial infection was a scareware app that malwarebytes did remove  but this symptom still stays no matter what i do.
Also  added its own DSN server into the windows settings, which i have manualy got aroung to allow updates for security softwares.

I have tried :
ipconfig / Flushdns
Malwarebytes anti malware:  nothing found
hijackthis : cant see anything suspiciuos
superantispyware: nothing found
full virus scan eset and AVG : nothing found
TSS rootkit removal tools from kasperski : usbaudio.sys MD5 suspect so i removed it : No result.

Can't run root repeal cause its 64bit windows
Can't run combofix cause its 64bit windows

Has anyone delt with a new mutation of this nasty?
or good rootkit tools for 64bit. or a solution would be brilliant

Thanks in advance
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You might have got a BHO installed. A BHO is like a plugin to your browser. On IE click on Tools->Manage Add-ons and look in the enabled list if you see any thing suspicious disable or delete it. Similarly you can check on Firefox by clicking Tools->Add-ons.
It would also be a good idea to fix your hosts file with the following download:

Also, try a scan with Hitman Pro 64-bit:

Good luck!!!

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Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
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Kramer8uAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys Himan pro did finda a DLL but no rootkit .
the DLL was qmpehsoe.dll and once removed seems to have stopped the google redirects .

One question though in looking up information on TDL3 rootkit 64bit see below :

It says it modyfies the MBR with "bootkit" code.
I'd like to be sure i killed this one

How do I recreate / overwite with a fresh , windows 7 64bit MBR to make sure this "bootkit" is toast

Shoudl I post a seperate question???

Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
boot off your windows 7 cd, and let it try and fix it for you.  It  should be able to repair your boot record automatically.  To do it  manually, you'd open a command prompt and type:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
Hitman x64 fixed the exact same problem for me on a Windows 7 x64 this re-direct was left behind by (fake) Anti Virus 2010 as far as I can tell. Thanks Bros:)
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