Is there a max file size for TFTP and the Cisco IOS?

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I am going to attempt to TFTP a 76mb file using TFTP server and the IOS.

I have read some posts about people hitting size limits but most were trying to TFTP from ROMMON.

Using TFTPD32 as my TFTP server and the command "copy tftp disk0:" on a Catalyst 6509 switch ios version 12.2(18)SXE3.

Should I have any problems?
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there are some depends on the flash memory of the switch also....
No, you won´t experience any problems in this constellation. There are limitations regarding the IOS-filesize, when using another TFTP-server. I used TFTPD32 with filesizes above 100MB on the CAT65k, all worked fine. You don´t have to use rommon.
The limitation was above 32MB, just to mention. And in fact it was a TFTPserver-problem, not related to the hardware.


thanks diprajbasu and t509,

I used TFTPD32 to TFTP a 76mb IOS bin file from my laptop to a CAT6509 switch with no problems. It took 4 or 5 minutes but worked great!

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