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I am doing a review of system documentation for all clients I support and wanted to query EE to see if any best practices can be suggested, or even a template for how to document and set out all information for each client.

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Hi Flipp

Could you clarify what you mean by a review of system documentation:
- is it a review of overall documentation of systems/networks in a configuration management database?
- is it a review of asset tracking?
- is it a review of software documentation in terms of system administration and user manuals?
- is it a review of how code is commented by developers?

I have some forms that I use, which would be happy to share - just give a bit more detail, please.


When it comes to documenting configuration for network, hardware and software. (e.g. Mail server is Exchange 200x and is configured with .....) so more like point #1 from your list. I currently have a .doc with all info in it that I have pulled from different sources but now looking at storing someway.

I am looking at a wiki or maybe it stays in a word document, but trying to establish consistency for multiple clients.
you could use SYDI to recreate all your systems documentation. Basically it goes out and polls all your systems and then writes a word ( or XML ) Document detailing everything about each system in a consistant document which all you need to do then is rename and save.

Might be quicker and easier to do it this way than to go through and re write, or edit each current existing document.


ALthough this product did do as you suggested, I am after more of a complete set of documentation than what this product could provide.

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