VMWare 4 Increase Harddrive greatness

Hi Expert,

I want to find out how to increase Harddisk Greatness on VM (i.e. Windows 2003, 2008, R2...) without shuting down OS.
There exist many Software Solution (i.e. EASEUSsoftware) but, i suppose so, there must be free space by defining vmdk greatness.

reredokIT ConsultantAsked:
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I presume you are referring to ESX (vSphere)?

Go to the VM settings, increase the size of the disk you want to grow.  Go back to the OS and use the built in functionality in the OS if it's supported - to seamlessly increase the available disk.  OR use the same third party tool you would use on a physical box to increase the disk.
There is no way to do this without shutting down the VM; you have to shut it down to increase the size of the virtual disk...no way around that. The finalize the increase, if the drive is a NON-system drive, you can use a 3rd party tool or, if it's a Windows OS, you can use diskpart. If it IS a system drive, you need to use a 3rd party tool.

reredokIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
for testing i've installed a 2008 R2 machine with 40GB first volume greatness. Yes it's very small ^^
Online I change disk size from 40 up to 50 GB (vsphere, esx 4.x) and run diskpart ... extent. It works fine. ServerManager - Maintenance show 49,90 GB just as well Windows Explorer. It was system drive, no reboot required.
Actual my Problem appears in some FileServer Disk Sizes up to 250GB, blocksize 1 MB where maximum size is achived. Sadly this means for my to re-build the datastore with bigger blocksize. And there are 800 GB to be copied ....
Correct...for 2K8/Win7/Vista...that is true "reredok"; for legacy versions of Windows as well as Linux VMs, you do have to shut down the VM. So, it really just depends on the OS. My apologies for not being completely accurate. Always good to test things :)

Best of luck...
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