Tracking cookies show up in Webroot but not Norton or Kaspersky

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Hi all.

For the past year I've used Kaspersky Internet Security along with Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper.

Spy Sweeper always found tracking cookies that Kaspersky did not.
Switched to Norton Security Suite (complimentary from Comcast) and have the same situation.

Spy Sweeper is showing the usual suspects:
Spy Cookie found: doubleclick cookie
Spy Cookie found: statcounter cookie
Spy Cookie found: yieldmanager cookie
Spy Cookie found: burstnet cookie
Spy Cookie found: bs.serving-sys cookie
Spy Cookie found: serving-sys cookie
Spy Cookie found: realmedia cookie
Spy Cookie found: atlas dmt cookie
Spy Cookie found: tribalfusion cookie
Spy Cookie found: apmebf cookie
Spy Cookie found: mediaplex cookie
Spy Cookie found: questionmarket cookie

Why would the security suites not catch these?
How dangerous are they?
Should I reup Spy Sweeper since the Suites don't catch this?

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ButchDog--I cannot speak for the other apps, but Norton can be set to report or not report certain categories of potential malware.  This is an excerpt from Norton Help concerning the Settings window.
"The Computer Scans settings let you customize the scans that Norton AntiVirus performs on your computer. Computer Scans lets you specify different types of scans to detect and prevent any virus infection on your computer. The scans are Compressed Files Scan, Rootkits and Stealth Items Scan, Tracking Cookies Scan, and Microsoft Office Automatic Scan. In addition, you can configure Norton AntiVirus to scan your computer during idle time. You can use the Configure link to create custom scans for particular segments of your computer that you scan frequently. In addition, you can schedule your custom scans or Full System Scan to run automatically."
Have you looked to see what is in your Settings window?
The cookies you mention are tracking cookies.  They will not affect performance of the PC, but they do store data on how you use the PC.  Many people do not feel tracking cookies are worth fussing about.

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I am one of them, cookies are no big deal to me. I leave them when they are found, cause often they hold information about preferences at a website, that I dont like having to reset.....

Scans are based on definitions, in what the vendor deems as harmful. So that alone will vary form vendor to vendor, so its easy to see that some will detect cookieA, but not cookieB. Same goes for viruses/malware/cool utilities from Nirsoft (Symantec hates them, but they are AWESOME)....

I wouldnt worry about deleting them at all personally.... Unless you find some that are identified as Macadamia... Dont like those......

(sorry, past my bedtime, jokes get bad this late at night for me....)
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This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program.  See my comment at the end of the question for more details.

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