Sonicwall and Apple TImecapsule communication

I recently set up a network in my bosses home that has a Sonicwall TZ170 connected to a Apple TIme Capule/Airport Extreme. The Airport ihas been assigned an address from  the  Sonicwall but t the Airport is the one ddistributing all of the address from it's own DHCP router. THe Sonicwall is also connected with a VPN into the offsite office. Here's the situation. I can see the firewall and can route through the VPN on machine hanging off the Airport network, but I can't get the firewall to see them.
My guess is that the Airport is blocking outside traffic but allows traffic though the opposite  way to the Sonicwall firewall. What settings on the Airport should I set to allow this DHCP routed machines to be seen by the firewall? In a nutshell, Any machine hanging of the Airport can ping the Firewall, but the Sonicwal Firewall can't ping the those machines in return. This I can't connect from the office back any of his network machines. I hope I was clear.
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FrankBusiness OwnerCommented:
The sonicwall should distribute IP adresses (DHCP active)

The Airport must be set up in bridge mode:
- Open airport utility
- Click your time capsule
- Choose manual configuration
- Go To the Internet Tab
- Under Connection Sharing choose "Off (Bridge Mode)"

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vdmsAuthor Commented:
I can but do the excessive amount of dhcp addresses I need to dish out, i would have purchase more licenses on the firewall. I would prefer to have the apple unit supply them.
I know there are ports I can open on the router, but I'm not
sure which ones to open to allow that kind of traffic. Any ideas?
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