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Dear Experts,

  I'm running Sharepoint 2010 with 2 servers configuration (database server and sharepoint server) I created a Web Application and a Site Collection with MySite template. When I access this MySite URL from the Sharepoint server's IE, it works.  However, when I try to access this MySite URL from a regular workstation, I got " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage ".

  What did I do wrong?

Additional Information:

This MySite is the 2nd MySite that I have on the Sharepoint Server.  The Sharepoint Server already have another WebApplication with MySite Template installed and is running well. it can be accessed both from the Sharepoint Server and a regular workstation.  

I wonder why the 2nd MySite doesn't work on a regular workstation.  I think I must missed something during the process of Creating its Web Application/Site Collection or something else.

Thank you!!!
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Did you add the url used to your DNS?


My 1st MySite didn't have the URL registered on DNS either, but it works
Can you try to ping the 1st mysite from the server and then form a work station
Then redo the same for the 2nd mysite.
Try first using the urls/hostnames then try the same ip addresses.
Checked in User Profile Application check my site setting are correct. Check this link and check if all setting are correct

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