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I have a network of about 50 users who are very email intensive. They generate approx 50-90GB of emails a month. They split the load in several PSTs to avoid damage. The problem is I would like to backup those emails over to a File Server.

The problem is that since all emails reside in psts even if the users just receive or place 1 new email in the PST, it's a completely 'new' file so when the next backup occurs the entire file needs to be copied all over again.

Of course this causes a major strain on the network when the users starts backing up their emails. Is there a software or method to backup the files at bit level instead of the entire file?

These users are using Outlook 2007/2010. I am not using Exchange and there is no way it will be introduced unfortunately. The file server is running Windows 2008.

I hope I made myself clear and thanks for reading. Cheers
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you can use genie soft's Mail backup software for doing incremental backups. it is not a freeware.

shed this in all the users desktop and give the remote file server address for storing.

hope this is clear.


Look a BackupMyFolder! and PSTStation Corporate from

This two products make incremental backup at message level (if a message is added in a PST file, only the new message is copied)

BackupMyFolder is a freeware that allows to backup PST files inside the default profile.
For you 50 users, I recommend PSTStation Corporate, that allows an administrator to manage the backup of all users. An agent deployed on client side allows to backup on login session, and even if Outlook is running
Download and look at the trial version

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Read the overview there it is written that it only copies new and/or changed email items.


Unfortunately none of the solutions proved to be truly effective but I thank you for the advice!

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