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We have an environment with ESX 4i. The ESX server is up to date.
We have a QNAP NAS (Raid 5) with a few LUN's of 500 GB.
On one of these LUNs, SBS2008 is installed.
SBS2008 has many problems.
Exchange console does not work anymore and we get -1018 messages in the eventlog.
NTFS errors also been reported in the eventlog.

The clients have no problems (yet!).
There are also two other virtual servers installed (W2K3 and W2K8).
They have no problems.
The data from the SBS2008 is backed-up and PST files are created.
Sharepoint is not used, but does not work anymore.

Now I want to reinstall SBS2008, so that all files are correct.
Then I want to restore all the domain information, so clients do not need to be re-registered in the domain.
And that all user and computer data is in the new installed enviroment with empty mailboxes so I can import the pst files.

How can I backup the domain info and then restore on a clean install of SBS2008?
Does anyone have a roadmap for this or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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If you have problem with exchange server than fix that based on the problem post question about the nature of the exchange problem also fix NTFS specifics errors reinstalling will not be a viable option


It's not only the exchange server. Before sbs2008 we have sbs2003. This machine was P2V to ESX.
We had the same problems. Corrupt files, corrupt exchange. etc.
SBS2008 was installed after en now we have the same problems.
I had create a new LUN on the NAS. Strange is that the two other machines don't have problems.
To exclude the NAS, I want to use the disk of the server.
So that's why I want to install SBS 2008 again.
The question is how to backup and restore all AD information on the new SBS server.

Thanks in advance

All Doamin information can be backed up by the system state and using DSRM. But I would verify that it will work, it sounds liek you have corrupt data.


Thanks for the replay!

Thirst install sbs2008 including personalize your server and network?
Then after installation restore the system state and dsrm.

The new domain and servername, etc will then be replaced?

Is it possible to copy de .vmdk files to a new datastore and then reinstall SBS2008?
You will need to rebuild the server with the same name then use DSRM to do restore of system state.

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