re-enable outlook express dialouge "check if default"

In its default configuration, Outlook Express will automatically check if it currently is Windows' default email program as soon as it starts.

 If another email application is the default, it will display the following message: Outlook Express is not currently your default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client?

There is a check box  dont show this message

I have checked this accidently ,  this is the  problem.

See i have a program that i use that uses 2 email applications( outlook and outlook express)  and i used the dialogue to easily swith the default email prgoram setting upon email program starting up.

 How do i re- enable the dialogue box
"Outlook Express is not currently your default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client?"

I assume its a flag in the registry i just cant find a way via google.
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In Outlook Express, go to Tools -> Options -> General tab in the window that opens.  Midway in the window is an option to make Outlook Express the default mail program.  Make it default, exit.

Restart Outlook Express.

If another application makes itself default, Outlook Express should start warning again that this has happened.  No registry changes should be needed.
I agree that it shouldn't be necessary to go messing in the registry, but for completeness and to provide information that might be helpful to other users, the relevant registry keys are:

Global Setting applied to all users:

Individual User Setting (this key may not exist on a single user account PC):

If you were to export the registry key to a file using a command like this:

regedit /e c:\MailClient.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail

the resultant text file (C:\MailClient.txt) will show a lot of [Keys] and "Values", some of them long comma-separated heg number strings.  Ignoring them and looking at the main keys and values, you may have something like this:

@="Outlook Express"

@="Windows Live Hotmail"


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Outlook Express]
@="Outlook Express"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Windows Live Mail]
@="Windows Live Mail"

Whatever value shows as the [Default] ie. the one prefixed by @= in the Key:
is the current default mail client.  If set to something else, then the @= value under that key would use one of the values from the other mail client keys, for example if Windows Live Mail as the default, then that key and default value would instead be:

@="Windows Live Mail"

If you open Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab, you should see all those programs listed in the "E-Mail" drop-down list as they are in the above registry example.

So, instead of messing with the registry, you could simply open Internet Options and toggle the Mail Client.

If, and ONLY IF, you are comfortable editing the Windows registry in REGEDIT, you can double-click on the [Default] value directly under the Key:
and delete the mail client that shows in the "Value Data" field and then close Regedit.  That will show the dialog with the check box again.

I DO NOT recommend messing with the registry when there is a quick and easy way to toggle between programs, so I suggest that you use the Internet Options > Programs option or as suggested in the previous comment.

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Kramer8uAuthor Commented:
it worked thanks boss
You are welcome, thank you.
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