2008 Terminal Server Broker/DNS problem (TS Farm)

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We have set up a terminal server farm using 2 Windows Server 2008 terminal servers and 1 Windows Server 2008 broker server. The farm is called "TS-FARM", terminal servers TS1 and TS2. Each TS server has a reserved IP address and an entry for TS-FARM in our DNS server.

Everything appears to be working correctly, however when I try and connect to TS1 directly via MSTSC.exe it directs me to TS2. I can ping TS1 (using its domain name) and receive a reply from the correct IP and people are connecting to it when connecting to TS-FARM but at the moment the only way for me to log onto this server is through the VI client console (they're all virutal servers). I need to be able to connect via RDP to both servers seperatley.

Update - even if I specifie the IP address of TS1 in mstsc I still get taken to TS2. I have noticed that if I restart my machine and connect to TS1 first it works fine, but as soon as I've connected to TS2 I cant get back onto TS1.

Is there anything I have missed here? Has anyone had similar problems using 2008 ts/broker servers?

Many thanks,

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That is intended functionality of a TS farm in server 2008.
If you connect to any server in the farm it will query the redirector to check if you have any existing sessions on other servers in the farm - if so it will connect you to them; if not it will load-balance you to whichever server it decides.

You should be able to override the redirection by using the command mstsc /admin  (or mstsc /console on older versions).

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