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Simon Cripps
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Hi, I'm looking for suggestions and examples please on building a dynamic menu, I have the data which currently creates a static menu on the left side of the page by creating labels links and breaks ( i.e tableleft.Controls.Add(CategoryLabel)). The menu is now getting so large I now want it to be collapsible.
The menu I create at build time is placed in the middle cell of an HTML table which gives some nice formatting around the menu, So I would like the solution to allow the table cell to grow and shrink as well (I don't know if it would anyway.).
I have a data set with a parent, Child and Grandchild level of data within that will populate the 3 levels of the menu.
So what is the best/simplest way to create a dynamic menu using this data. Would it be jquery, Somehow linking to a navigation, Ajax or other.  Currently I was thinking Jquery but happy to be persuade otherwise.
For whatever recommendation would you also be able to link to some good examples of where creating these menus can be achieved?

Many thanks in advance
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Perhaps you can use the ASP.NET Menu control together with SiteMap.

Take a look at this tutorial here:

This was resolved using javascript


For what I wanted Javascript was the best solution

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