Command prompt via SSH in Windows Server 2008?

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A convenient way to administer my servers in linux is to simply SSH into them and access them via a console. It is very convenient, easy to configure, and lightweight.

Is there any way I could do the same thing with Windows Server 2008, and get access to a Command Prompt via SSH?
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You can use Putty the popular SSH client from here,

Monis MontherSystem Architect

Another thing you can do with Win 2008 is install the server in command line mode only and RDP to it getting only the cmd. It is secure becasue it implements RDP version 6.

One caveat for this is that the core installation of win2008 does not include everything so it depends on which services you would install.

Other than that I guess the Pros before poitned out how to get SSH on Windows.
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Do you require ssh access or just remote access to the server?  If it's the later Windows provides remote desktop access e.g.

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