Creating SFTP in windows Server 2003

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Hi Experts,

I created a SFTP in windows 2003 server, with the help of 

But the problem is with the help of SFTP folder, i am able to go Root folder and i am able to access entire system.

if anyone know the better way or solution for this, please help me once..
Here i am attaching screen shoots about this.

 Experts.docx Experts.docx
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I would suggest using FileZilla Server. It's completely free anv VERY SIMPLE in use. This tool is better that Windows solution :)

If you don't belive, just check yourself (watch this video tutorial from 2:15)

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He is not using a "Windows Solution".  He's using an Open source solution,... OpenSSH actually.

But I agree,...I think Filezilla Server is the better way to go.


filezilla solved my issues

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