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I need to scan all of my servers via SCCM to see what size power supplies are in each one so I can keep an emergency inventory on hand.  I do not see an option for this anywhere -- help.
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The power supply information would have to be in WMI for the hardware inventory to scan on it.  At first glance on my machine (workstation) it didn't look like it was.  If it's located somewhere in the registry you can add it to your configuration.mof file to scan based on that registry key.  You are just needing the basic manufacturer/model information correct?


I need the Manufacturer/Model and wattage so i know what type and how many spares to keep on hand.
Desktop computers are most likely not going to have the PSU information stored becuase they are not "intelligently" connected to the board, they are just providing power. I will try to find if a server will supply the information to query on.
I've been searching for anything in WMI that would provide that sort of information and haven't located anything.  I would say the next best thing to do would be to run the report: Hardware 01A - Summary of computers in a specific collection
You could then target a specific collection or use All Systems (SMS00001) for gathering manufacturer and model information.  PSUs models and information should be fairly easy to pair up when you have this sort of data.  

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