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Dear Experts:

Iam having IBM server of machine type/Model :8648IAS which is installed with centos 5.5 final working fine recently installed the virtualization packages to install the guest OS but even though the Hyperthreading is enabled still the vm flag is found as per the experts suggestion thought to upgrade the BIOS hence downladed the BIOS from the IBM website. The downloaded file is in please tell me how to install this update as when clicked on this file it does not extract and ask for floppy diskete, i also tried readme file but no information, please help me how to install this bios update, Thanks in advance.
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This is what an older README file says -
3.2   Step by step instructions for extracting the Linux update

                   - Run the "IBM eserver xSeries 235 Linux BIOS Update"
                     with the following command line:
                        "./<update>.sh -x <path>" where <update>.sh is the
                        downloaded update and <path> is the path to which the
                        Windows update files will be extracted.
                     NOTE: The following message is shown on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0
                     and other distributions that do not install the compatibility libstdc++
                        ./lflash: error while loading shared libraries:
               cannot open shared object file:
                        No such file or directory.
                     If the above message is shown, install the compat-libstdc++*.rpm that was
                     included on the distribution media.
                   - The files extracted are all the files that are necessary to
                     perform a BIOS update under Linux.  Run "./lflash" from a
                     command line to update BIOS.



Sir, thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the bios update file in the linux server please tell me what should be done , shoud i extract this by login as root and type:
# ./  -x <usb or floopy disk> once this is done reboot the server and insert the usb or floppy drive containing the extracted bios update and apply the updates.

Please give me step by step instructions thank you.
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You don't need a floppy or usb.
Just create a directory to store the extracted files and start the update process from there.
mkdir /tmp/pme175c
./  -x   /tmp/pme175c
cd  /tmp/pme175c
rm  -r /tmp/pme175c  # or keep the directory and its contentsfor future reference
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Sir, thank you very much. after doing the bios update for some reason if i want to uninstall or remove i mean want to restore to the orginal bios then what to do please help me in this.
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Just over-install the desired version. Older versions are available from where you got the one you're going to install now.
If the system fails to restart due to a severe error during BIOS update follow page 18 of this guide -


Hi, sir

created dir on tmp
mkdir /tmp/pme175c
and executed the command ./ -x /tmp/pme175c/
did not extract and ended with an error, posted belwo the error for your reference , please help
./ -x /tmp/pme175c/
tail: cannot open `+43' for reading: No such file or directory

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
64 bit detected
cp: cannot stat `/tmp/linwrap/linwrap64.cfg': No such file or directory
./ line 37: ./linwrap: No such file or directo
also i found only i386 bios update , in the ibm support and drivers i could not find bios for 64 bit also please help me in this.

Thanks in advance.

For 64 bit you need to install the 32 bit libraries.

On Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

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