IPv6 HTTP Redirect on IIS 7

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I currently have a site setup on IIS 7 which uses a redirect, working fine on IPv4.

http://website.contoso.com  redirect to http://website.contoso.com:8090
binding IP - 10.x.x.x

I now need this to work with IPv6 so i've added the IPv6 address to the NIC and to the binding. However when browsing to the website via IPv6 and hostname it doesn't work, but continues to work via IPv4.

If i put the IPv6 address in the browser: http://[IPv6]:8090 i can get to the website.
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As I understand it, a redirection is processed by the client, so the protocol will be dependent on the client's stack preference.  If your client's stack is set to use IPv4 first, then that is the behavior you will see.



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