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Dear experts,

Need a bit of help regarding setting up a Terminal Server. The OS is W2K8. I am setting this up for someone else which has their own domain - so at the moment the server is in its own workgroup not connected to any domain. Internet access is OK. I am trying to configure this server as their TS server and is now going through the wizard.

Have a couple of questions.

1. When setting up Role Services do I need to select TS Gateway and TS Web Access? I don't think web access is required as users use RDP.

2. When setting up TS Licensing Config re "discovery scope for a TS license server", only THIS WORKGROUP can be selected. So if I select THIS WORKGROUP, would that affect the way the server behave after I join this server to a domain? Or is it better to run the TS setup wizard after this server is joined to a domain?

I prefer doing this now because I have a few apps I want to put on and as MS warned, that apps install before configuring TS may not work again and had to be reinstalled....

Thanks for any help.
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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
So, shortly :)

1) TS Gateway is set up if you require access to TS server from the Internet (i.e users work at home and they need access to TS server)

TS Web Access is used to publish applications over web site. It can be used inside/outside company. This is great solution because it holds all published applications in one place. So, when you update one of them all clients have access to the newest app (you don't have to deploy it to all people). Additionally using TS Web, users don't have to log in via RDP to server.

2) You can choose, configure licensing mode later during TS set up. When you join TS server to client's domain, then configure licensing mode

ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply. I am not too familiar with setting TS up in W2K8, have only done in W2K3 and there is only two mode you can choose from :)

Still not clear re TS Gateway. The users will be accessing the server via RDP (not just via a browser). Their laptops would have already been joined to the domain and I will setup RDP connections on their laptops. They don't particularly want to access the server from non-domain computers. Does that mean I don't need TS Gateway?

As for Licensing, I can select Workgroup for the time being; then when I joined this server to the network I can go back and reconfigure the Licensing mode? There will only be ONE TS server (this one) so does it matter?

Thanks again for your time.
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
TS Gateway is needed only when people want to access TS server from home using public Internet (doesn't matter if they are part of a domain or not)

If they will work only in LAN with TS you don't need TS Gateway role.

I think that wouldn't be a problem with workgroup (because it is connected to Licensing). Just join it to the domain and then configure and activate licensing. This is the most important part :)

It would discover it automaticaly, if not go to

Administrativr Tools\Terminal Services\TS Licensing Manager

select your server and click right mouse button, choose "Review configuration" and click on "Change scope" button. You will be able to change its scope

(workgroup (should be grayed out, domain, forest)

ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
Remote users will be working from another location.

At present, they RDP into the existing SBS server (the server's public IP address in the Computer field) as domain admin. Not good practise hence I am getting them a TS server.

So I want them to be able to RDP into the new TS server (might need to change the port forwarding on firewall) using Windows Remote Desktop Connection, not any internet browser. I want them to be able to dial-in from home using their own laptop (with RDP setup and configured).

So is TS Gateway required in such scenario? I don't remember setting TS Gateway on their existing SBS box.
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Nope, in this case they don't need TS Gateway :) You set up for them VPN scenario :]

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