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I have a minor problem that I need to get clarification on. I am in the process of doing an install of pre-installaltion SBS2008 Standard Edition. My supplier has messed up and provided me with the wrong eOpen Licence product. In order to rectify the problem they tell me that they will need to delete my newly created Open Licence agreement and open a new one.

My question is this. I have built the server from the disc I got with an Action Pack. In system properties it is reporting that I have 59 days remaining to activate and that I am using

Windows Server Standard FE SP2

(the original diskused for the build however does clearly state though that it is 'Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard, Includes Service Pack 2'. In additiona to this I do have the SBS console etc available to me so I am fairly usre that it is SBS2008 that is running

When I get the correct product created under the open licence agreement, will the Product Key work on the version I have installed bearing in mind the disk came from an Action Pack??
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
SBS versions are fussy about the key matching the version, but others have claimed they have used a Volume license key to activate from action pack disks without a problem with 2008. Earlier versions (200/2003) seem to have more of a problem.

If you need to extend the activation period you can do so from a command prompt with elevated privileges:
slmgr -rearm
This will restart the grace period and can be done 3 times. (i.e. total of 4 grace periods)
If you need to change the key, activate, see status, or any other licensing changes run
slmgr ?
Which will pop up a list of options.
Any changes require a reboot, and be patient the command takes a couple of minutes to run before the pop-ups appear.
NorthstarITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. I really do not know what to do here???? I do not know whether I want to risk configuring their whole server etc based around an Action Pack install disc only to find out that when the new open licence agreement is established that the Product Key does not work against the install and I need to download a different version of the software. albeit the same thing in reality just with a different MS code slapped on it.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Tough dilemma. You are probably safe. There were 2 recent posts, one saying they had used TechNet disks, and the other they downloaded trial version. I do recall issues with 2003, even with service pack levels but have yet to see problems with 2008. They have been trying to standardize some of the licensing types and procedures since Vista.

If you were really concerned you could do the build with the trial version. It is the one most likely to work where that is more or less the intent of that release.
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Rob WilliamsCommented: long is it going to take for your eOpen license? They should be able to do that in 48hrs.
NorthstarITAuthor Commented:
The install is slated for Friday and I only realised they screwed up this morning. They tell me that they will push it through but like you say, 48 is the normal timescale.

I am just so close to the wire here. I presume logically you trial it and if you like it then you but it and fully activate your trial without losing anything. I assume the trial is fully functional? Can't say I have faith in the Action Pack version, that FE at the end bothers me. I know the AP version works because I have it on my test server but that was with AP product key activation.

I might see if I can find the trial version download of which you speak. In my little mind that seems like a logical way to go.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
:-) there was a very long discussion here two weeks ago about "FE". I never realized before that is always present. At that time I checked an action pack, open license, and Dell OEM license and it was on all.  Running from a command line    winver   may give you a more accurate description of your product.

The trial version is fully functional, can be run for 60 days without activating, can be extended using slmgr -arm to 240 days, and can be activated by installing a CD key and activating.

That is not to say the action pack won't work, but I have not seen specific confirmation for the action pack.

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NorthstarITAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for all the help. I am going to start with the config for the client now, if when I get the product key in tomorrow and the electronic download etc it does not work with what I already have, then I will have wasted an afternoon's work but can still make the right decision about bouncing the install back by 24 hours.

Thanks for the assist in this difficult problem/decision
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks NorthstarIT.
Good luck with your project.
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