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We have 2 servers 1 running Server 2008 SBS and the other running Server 2008 Standard.
We have setup DFS and it was working, but now the replication is working from server1 to server2 but it will not replicate from server2 to server1. I have checked that the clock time for the 2 machines is in sync which they are.
Server1 is running 2008 SBS and Server2 is running 2008 Standard
Has anybody any suggestions as to the problem.
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I am no expert in DFS, but you can decide HOW DFS sync with themselves...

For example, Site1 could only sync with Site2 while Site2 will not.
If you had 3 sites, it could be synching like a triangle Site1 --> Site2 --> Site 3 --> Site1.

You could check for these setup, one might be wrong.

In the DFS Management console, you can create a diagnostic report which should detail any errors with replication.
To rectify the problem I ended up deleting the members of the namespace left it overnight, then recreated the members and it is now working o.k.


With no other suggestions I decided to start again by deleting the members and then recreating them.

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