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"The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex Delivery Failure. You will receive an e-mail from UPS/Fed Ex Service along with a packet number. It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON'T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS!

This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days.

Snopes confirms that it is real...

Please click on the website below and read this virus warning..."

We use Symantec Antivirus and let us know how do we protect our systems in the event of virus attack!
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Do you have Symantec Mail security? if yes then it will take care of those attachments, and most of the time the email will be RBL rejected.
If not make sure SAV protects email client from viruses.
User education is essential.  When this first came out as a threat some time ago, we made sure that all our users were sent an email with information regarding this phishing method.  Although most spam filtering apps will strip attachments that are dangerous, an embedded link can be far more dangerous and won't be stripped.  User education is the best deterrent.
We Dont have Symantec Mail security. We use MIcrosoft Forefront. My question is if we need to raise the security level?
First, one thing to keep in mind, there is no antivirus solution currently available that can stop all infections all the time. Thousands of new, and variations of current viruses come out every day. The best defense in a premier antivirus solution, make sure all machines are completely up to date on Windows and Office updates, education of users, hardware firewalls on the edge of the network. Currently we use Fortinet firewall, Eset NOD32 business edition anitvirus. We are using Symantec on the mail server. And we continually educate out people many different aspects related to proper computer use as well as what to look for within emails so they don't open attachments they shouldn't ect...
But even with everything in place, we still get hit once in a while, but the damage as related to user down time, lost data and other related results of an infection are minimal  at worst.


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