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I am new to both Ubuntu and Ruby on Rails.  I am trying to setup Ruby on rails on an ubuntu 10.04 lts server.  What I would like to do is install ruby on rails and have it work with apache server and MySQL .  On the internet there are many different ways of doing this.  After trying to follow some of the guides, I start to get errors.

I would like to try to get the versions and successfully update the following technology on the Ubuntu Server:

Ruby, ruby gems, ruby on rails, apache and mysql.  

Also is there a quick way to to determine if all of the parts are configured and working together properly?

I admitting that i have no experience at all with any of these technologies, so if I am totally off base on my question, please let me know.  

My ultimate goal is to run a little ruby on rails development server where I can learn the language (as well as ubuntu.)  Maybe there is an excellent guide for getting on the interenet that I havent stumbled over yet.

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@honestman31 is spot on. I also blogged about this from my experience at:

Two key points from my experience:

1. Make sure you DO NOT do “sudo apt-get install rails”. This gives you an old version and you can’t track your gems easily. If you mistakenly do that, simply type “sudo apt-get remove rails” and go back to the above link
2. REMEMBER to add the new ruby gems path to your path so that your system can find the stuff you just installed (this is in the . The command is:
         “export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH”


Thanks to both of you for the quick response.  How can you test if rails is "connected" properly to mysql and Apache?

Thanks again

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