Need to send 10MB mp3 file via Outlook email

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I need to send a 10MB mp3 file to a few people using email.  Please advise.

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Send the email with a link to the mp3 file that you have uploaded on a free webservice as

Thats a horrible idea!

First there are the limits set by your ISP, there are also potential Exchange or other server blocks in a corp environment, there are also client issues.

You should put that on an FTP or a something similar and send the FTP link instead. There is no reason to send 10MB attachments, and have it sit on a server and a PC somewhere.
Good old snail mail and a CD I say.
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JamesSenior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
FTP would be the only option. Or as pjam said post it. Depending on your setup you may not be able to FTP.
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior
Couple of options..

Depending on your restrictions, you may be able to send it through Outlook - our company allows 12MB.
You can host the file via http or ftp and then provide the link to person
You use a hosted solution like Google Docs or SkyDrive
DropBox is another option


Since binary files get mostly uuencoded when emailed, there is an increase of 12,5% to binary file size.

What you can do, is to split a file into multiple parts.
Take a look at:



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