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Good afternoon,
Im not sure if this is possible, but when Im uploading a file to an FTP server, and the connection drops its possible to resume from where it left off. Is it possible to inject a portion of a file into a file?

My idea is to copy a file to my FTP server, then a couple of days later compare the file with whats on my PC and if a section of the file has been changed upload that section into the file onto the FTP server.

So for example (please excuses my use of binary here, its just to show how Im looking to do it - if possible)

So if the file initially consists of:-
and my new file consists of:-

Id like to issue a command where the filename is myFilename.txt:-
          put myFilename.txt 14,4 0000

Which would hopefully go 14 bits into the file and add the bits 0000 into the next 4 slots of the file.

Im not really bothered if it uses standard

What Im looking for is the correct commands to do this, as Id like to code it myself, or use a command line to test this theory

Sorry for my vagness here, but hopefully you understand what Im trying to do, I just want to slot a peice into an existing file, bit like resume, but instead of resuming from the end of  a file, Id like to go into the middle.

Thanks in advance.
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Not using FTP.

You could use a program that compares the original file to the updated file on the originating side, then ftp a file with the differences to the receiving side, and then apply the updates.

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